Wednesday, September 15, 2010

XTools provoke the industry division of advertising on CCTV

Recently, the famous online CRM vendors XTools ads in the CCTV, "Enterprise vitamins, to promote sales of healthy growth." Is XTools ad CCTV is XTools the new brand strategy, XTools company hopes to make XTools given more brand meaning.

Vitamin paying customers currently XTools rapid growth companies, according to CCW Research statistics, XToolsCRM paying subscribers in the first place, prompting XTools more focused on brand building, advertising a brand strategy CCTV step.

Third-party advisory body to this view:

DoSaaS is hiring third-party online professional research institutes, DoSaaS Mr. Xu Weiguo, General Manager said:

TV ads will be the best form of publicity is still hard to say. But SaaS vendors face the common problem is that marketing is difficult. Difficult to find customers, products difficult to sell, the price is low, but marketing costs are high. Some company hopes channels and business partners, but the current business model and return a single customer and partner channels is difficult to stimulate enthusiasm, so the whole market seems tepid sales. XTools do TV ads may be a new idea. Wide spread of television advertising to cover large groups. It is understood that gold and software, financial off-line and other software vendors to do the advertising or the CCTV program, the market responded positively, directly bring a lot of sales leads. So money off the story line will be attending the show of wealth, the server can not afford the user access. XTools dare to advertise in the CCTV, I believe he took a fancy to it. TV ads can prompt manufacturers to convey the message to end-users can bring in a short time a large number of sales leads, rather than participate in exhibition, tour, as brought only few users.

CCTV's advertising results for XTools assessment, comprehensive professional advisory body also made their views:

Analysys International analyst Mr. Li Ruixiang that: XTools with CCTV so strong media advertising aimed at expanding the company's brand influence, in order to establish a position in Saas industry, expanding its user base of SMEs. The current financial crisis has worsened the crisis of survival of SMEs, many SMEs operating difficulties have emerged, especially in corporate income more difficult, many enterprises have reduced orders and new market development more difficult, "XTools enterprise vitamin" to 鍦ㄧ嚎 CRM the core, can help enterprises steward, managing people, material management and financial management, and improving the management efficiency, helping enterprises increase revenue and profits, effectively address the survival and development of SMEs.

But in China's SaaS market is still in the early stage of development, according to Analysys International Enfodesk research shows the current users of SaaS awareness of SMEs only 4.8%, XTools CCTV ads focused on the company's brand advertising, but to reach a goal The real customers pay, but also effectively deliver business value to the target customer base, you need to enhance the precision of target marketing customers.

IResearch Consulting Group (focusing on online media, e-commerce, online games, wireless value-added and other new third-party research in the field of economic research:) Mr. Ding Li, an analyst event on the XTools CCTV advertising industry from the perspective of SaaS to make rating: "XTools joint CCTV2 help to improve the SaaS industry-wide brand influence, to eliminate the user only to mention the original concept of the cognitive concept of no real value, while further details will be entered China Saas industry to a new stage of development."

The same industry CCTV advertising company XTools views:

Payments and software companies advertising the central two units a regular customer, gold and head of marketing software very much agree with Mr. Cheng XTools CCTV advertising.

Mr Cheng said: "The CCTV advertising results in the end what is the need to try, only try to get results assessment, also, CCTV for the selection of advertising is very strict and cautious, XTools selection of CCTV, CCTV also recognized XTools, itself For the brand to enhance the role play. before the gold and CCTV's ad was brought to the payments and sales growth, and I do not give XTools bring sales growth. "

With the "XTools Enterprise vitamin," the introduction of CCTV advertising industry there have been some good competition phenomenon.

XTools the CCTV advertising down version in the hope that the audience through search engine "xtools", or "vitamin business" to learn more about XTools business services provided, but the company has its eyes on one of the "business."

The use of a software company invested in Baidu and XTools same keyword advertising: "xtools", "vitamin business" and hopes to give its own CCTV advertising traffic to the company's Web site. XTools by the complainant, relevant search engine advertising is then removed. But the incident also shows the effect of CCTV advertising industry companies of all concerned.

It is understood that "XTools" "vitamin business" has long been the trademark owner "Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. Sen Wally" registration down, because protecting trademarks is the basis for brand strategy, intangible assets will gradually become the core asset.

How users look at "Enterprise vitamin" ads:

Xiangsheng is "XTools business vitamin," the old customers have been using XTools three years, Mr. Li Xiang as a senior adviser, said: "very pleased to see such a stealth title XTools so pay attention to brand promotion, indeed, XTools CCTV advertising branding needed to make their prominent champion status. "

Xiangsheng is a production and sales of stationery companies in the financial crisis before the customer management software with XTools was found that 70% of trade sales, coupled with appreciation of the renminbi and other factors, make them feel that trade margins are increasingly difficult to maintain business.

They have a goal: make 70% of sales in domestic trade, so they began to build a sales force, using XTools the software of the field sales organization, before the financial crisis, the successful transition to domestic trade from foreign trade enterprise development

Xiang Li said: "XTools key role in the whole enterprise, I think there are two: First, the data from the XTools inside some of the data can be analyzed to tell business, your prosperity is apparent, and the second, XTools help expansionary find a business tool, a base platform, enabling businesses low-cost expansion. "

XTools CCTV ads to customers said: "The sale of health, business support vitamins as XTools thinking, using XTools management software can help enterprises selling health up."

It is understood that the five-year vitamin business through XTools efforts, has accumulated 4,000 enterprises for sustainable use, but XTools sales director Xie billion people still feel satisfied: "XTools the next three years is a rapid growth process, three years up to tens of thousands of customers should not be a problem. "


Reflection of the industry XTools many, just like a ripple, but XTools advertising on CCTV will have a positive effect of the market environment, more users will know through this ad SaaS.


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