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Control the availability of rules [2]

2. Do not rush to specific

Developers always tend to be a solution provider, like to solve the problem and hope to soon see the result of the efforts. Sometimes this tendency to lead to quick results is a mediocre solution. Visual development tools today is to encourage this trend, we condone the screen simply by dragging and dropping pre-defined interface design components to solve the problem. For example, seldom consider the combo box or a drop-down list is the best choice. Do not rush early in the development of specific, developers, and team development process may create a more usable design and make superior user interface design. Do not define the implementation details too early, but should better understand the work required to complete the workflow and better grasp the user's intention after each step. If the development team has been jumping to the stage of implementation of specific programs should pay attention to those ideas in the design process will be placed in a "feedback - that" the cycle.

Some technologies, such as abstract prototype, in a general way can be a sticker on the expression of the necessary user interface elements that can help the development team prior to the entire user interface structure. Abstract prototype technology to ensure the software provides all the necessary components, but also to ensure the logical arrangement of these components, rather than carried out early in graphic design and interface components interface options.

3. To avoid creating a new, not become a slave to fashion

Interface design something new and not always better than the old stuff. If applied properly, the new interface components and interactive design will be a powerful tool and will capture the market advantage. A moment later the field of interface design really advanced methods will be copied word spread and become part of standard design. However, many innovative interface design than the traditional interface components and interaction design usability worse.

Also note that to avoid creating art for the art. I have seen some of the worst software usability is about to become a graphic artist or graphic artists, they lost in the visual effects in the final result is not identification of controls, poor readability of the layout, navigation design can not work. Efficiency and aesthetics are not always mutually exclusive, on the contrary, the best software is the combination of both. While the art can always limited, but you can focus to create effective, high-availability software to meet user needs.

Finally, do not assume that the interface should be designed to mimic a particular model or application of at least one of Microsoft's latest interface components. User interface design their own fashion trends, it is important to maintain status quo. New components and interaction terms (idiom, Alan Cooper's term) created every day. Like a house, car or clothing, software, style changes and progress, but simply look at user interface design can keep up with the current system. In particular, if the use of design software application closely integrated with Microsoft or associated, in many cases, this is a reasonable choice. However, following the lead is not a universal solution. One example is the assessment of my leadership of a Microsoft Excel interface design imitation currency trading system availability. Design allows users to visually analyze the decision-making information is very difficult, leading to unwieldy, inefficient navigation. Currency traders need new trading system is not Microsoft's spreadsheet interface design.

4. Efforts to establish effective interaction

Nobody likes boring, clumsy work. Make sure your software does not increase the work of other people do not feel good. Calculations required to complete a common keystrokes and mouse clicks. Treatment to make simple things simple, speedy completion of the interaction used. Do not deal with important information or key under submerged in multiple windows, or hidden in a "fabled" in the menu. Application of modeling technologies such as navigation maps to help design efficient work flow and to avoid too long or the navigation path leading to deadlock. As long as a piece of paper draw a prototype, user interface design principles such as basic efficiency, consistency and mission task visibility can spend, and on the problem area.

As impressive as Dilbert cartoon to point out that some software developers for the user additional meaningless steps to punish any error committed by the user, allowing users to jump circle the same as the daily work completed. If some members of the group appears to hate the user, so he went to meet clinicians, but not in the "Edit" menu with "Other".

5. Interface for the actual trial work

As a final quality assurance measures for user interface design is: Let each member of the design and development of software to use it for at least half an hour straight, continuous use of an hour more. Using actual data - the actual use of the data users. If because of confidentiality or security reasons can not use the actual work of data, allowing customers or users to create enough "pseudo data" (not just 10-20 record), can accurately reflect the actual complexity of data, potential errors and ambiguity (subtleties). As an independent check, make sure all the data field tested the maximum length, accuracy and over-rate inspection. Often surprisingly accurate in the database defined fields in the user interface is not long enough or the wrong definition. If the definition of data field is 25 characters in length, try to enter the 25 letters. You can see on the screen all the 25 letters? If necessary, the postal number of the input box to deal with foreign letters and numbers mixed encoding it?

Yes, in many companies these issues will boil down to quality assurance and database design department, but, surprisingly, it has been negligent. Therefore, the application user interface experience of trial to test the system itself. Noted that the process of testing a car assembly line as the final inspection - customers will see and experience. If the interface includes a data entry field, enter 50 or 100 records, not just the 1-2 record. If the application work in the uncertain light and noise conditions, the environmental conditions in this trial it. If you need to quickly enter or screen quick response, all members of the development team with a time limit placed on the pressure, and then ask yourself: Every day I want to use this software? I hope these tips can help you or a development team to answer: "Yes."

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Premier Wen visited the British company behind Huawei

Huawei to expand the road to the British

Yang Group (a pseudonym) had never occurred, and he did have a chance to see up close and Premier Wen Jiabao, and is living in a foreign land in time.

As an employee of Huawei UK, Yang group has been working overseas for 3 years. February 1 this year, the first month of Chinese lunar seventh day, Yang and his group of colleagues began a long wait with excitement the arrival of Premier Wen. "Premier Wen Jiabao, Chinese New Year everyone!" When Premier Wen step into the door Huawei Huawei staff began to warm applause, and moved to New Year.

"Over the last few! Financial crisis to the economy in difficult circumstances, Huawei people are still optimistic and confident. Your confidence comes from strength, from you to master high-tech, staff from the struggle. "Premier Wen warmly encourage Huawei employees.

Huawei British company located in South East England Basingstoke (Basingstoke), at a distance of central London, approximately 77 kilometers, about 45 minutes by train. British company Huawei is more important is that there is Huawei's European headquarters.

"As a global company, Huawei aware of the importance of south east England, for here gathered a large number of the world's largest telecommunications company, so we decided to set up European headquarters here." Huawei's total UK and Ireland region Manager Edward Chen had told the media.

Since 2001, the British market, Huawei has developed in the UK 8 years. At present, Huawei has 350 employees here, the cumulative investment of nearly 100 million U.S. dollars. It can be said in this 8-year period, Huawei's European headquarters has undergone "drastic" changes.

"We in the UK has experienced various difficulties. In 2001, when we founded the British branch, just north of London, established a small office, and the first 4 years of very hard. We were only 15 individuals, but also to overcome the business operations involved in the differences between China and Britain. "Edward Chen revealed that.

2005-2006 year, Huawei is China's largest investment in one of the UK. Currently, Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica and other operators in Europe have become major customers of Huawei.

350 local employees, 75% of local recruitment, Huawei has achieved a considerable degree of localization. In fact, according to Edward Chen said, employing a Chinese engineer costs is to hire an American or European one-sixth of Engineers.

Huawei in the UK market, a milestone event was a breakthrough, Huawei successfully passed the British Telecom (BT) in the strict certification and successfully entered the British Telecom worth 10 billion pounds in the 21 Century Network transformation and construction of large single, "preferred supplier short list." Huawei is also the first time Europe and the United States to become a landmark event in the mainstream market.

On 9 February, Premier Wen's visit is still in the UK, Huawei and Vodafone signed a strategic partnership to deepen bilateral agreement. Under the agreement, Huawei will be in the next five years, Ghana Telecom (Vodafone owns 70% recently) the deployment of wireless networks; participate in Vodafone Spain, Greece, Hungary and Romania, the wireless network and other core network and backbone network subnet construction; and together with Vodafone LTE (fourth-generation network technology) research and development.

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How to "control" Yahuo sequels?

Yahuo is a double-edged sword, blade support or opposition, if you do not stand dealers point of view, and this is likely to Kanxiang own sword! Conversely, if you effectively control the Yahuo consequences for Yahuo blade Kanxiang market, you are likely to help in that the sword, the blaze way to survive!

Yahuo is double-edged sword, sharp on both sides

The so-called Yahuo called ballast, usually in the year-end or special time channels to the market and at all levels, especially in a commercial channels pressed into far beyond its normal sales of stock.

Standing business perspective, the use of Yahuo method can be used to promote sales, the starting point mainly due to the following aspects: First, Yahuo is an internal sales management incentives, mainly on the internal sales staff in the year-end money on. Through such incentives to motivate them to carry out market development; second season for the enterprise product sales, promotions, inventory well prepared, and prevent delay arising out of supplies logistics, stock-outs; third, from a competition point of view, diversion channel through Yahuo way to prevent competitors eat their own network; Fourth, encourage agents to sell their products, the pressure to the agent or intermediary goods, where good policies for them, forcing them to think of ways to sell.

Several respects from the above, we found Yahuo really is a marketing technique. However, in practice, Yahuo is double-edged sword, if the enterprise Yahuo unreasonable, or to not correct, sales would be planted to the harmful effects of their products. Also, if Yahuo without following the normal "service" would leave more Yahuo "hangover", enterprises will be a lot of insecurity.

What Yahuo would be "consequences"?

Yahuo sequelae occur mainly by three reasons lead to:

鈶?"three-shot lead" policy Yahuo

End of the year, when companies can not complete the annual task of the year, the firm's sales director, marketing director, CEO or business will be to order the market to agents, distributors Yahuo. The reason is that business-to-sales goals were reasonable, spending on the market, with annual sales growth rate of inadequate consideration, resulting in a high-level leadership forehead target shooting, two Paixiong Fu determination table, the result not finish the task, the three beat ass leave. Industry, it is unreasonable sales targets for this policy caused Yahuo, called the "three-shot lead Yahuo."

鈶?"the only benefit employees," the measures of Yahuo

As the leading goal too high, sales eyes again to take the green end of the year award. So many sales staff will use a variety of relationships, trying to complete Yahuo task. As the purpose of impurity, the actual operation is often a lot of irregular Yahuo, to bring a lot of hidden sales follow-up.

鈶?"no service" bad Yahuo

If brought in the aftermath of the Yahuo all acts, the first two are not entirely representative of a widely popular, then "no service" bad Yahuo, is the current market, one of the most common phenomenon. Some Yahuo was originally a marketing strategy, such as diversion channels to prevent competitors; or for the realization of corporate marketing plan, festivals, promotions, and other sources before the arrival guarantee. However, after the service is not in place Yahuo a result of this Yahuo become a bad Yahuo, resulting in a series of sequels, and made the next business year has been wiped "butt."

How bad Yahuo what "consequences"?

Typically, bad Yahuo business sales will at least bring these problems.

1, FALSIFYING dangerous.

Enterprises to channel Yahuo, if the company did not vigorously cooperate with the dealer selling products, not to normal "after sales" services. Once dealers difficult period in the product is coming, or distributors themselves need liquidity, you may by improper means the goods went to other regions, resulting in "FALSIFYING" seriously affected the market order.

Second, smashing price of goods rejection.

We all know that when companies have Yahuo Yahuo policy, coupled with measures of Yahuo salesman, when he was to complete the task will certainly be a part of commitment to come up with their own year-end awards to as Yahuo policy. Dealer under the protection of high-profit, once the sales are poor, will use the killer price, low rejection goods, not only disturbed the market price system, then this product will do die, so that the market completely collapsed.

Third, increased marketing costs.

In the highly competitive industry, many products distribution business will be using credit the way, such as pharmaceuticals. Dealer with warehouses, if not out of drug sales in the period of time, you can return. Dealers are often asked when the shelf life of approaching companies to honor its promise to return, replacement, so that makes the company increased marketing costs in virtually many.

4, disrupted sales plan.

"Yahuo" by the pressure of product, are in fact not completed sales. Future advances or overdraft is only way to complete the financial market data on the book only. When Yahuo over time, sales in the first quarter of next year will be greatly affected. In fact, some of product sales at this time is the peak season, such a "Yahuo" will affect the company's sales plan and marketing strategy formulation. Meanwhile, the artificial Yahuo behavior will result in sales of light, season fluctuations. Market volume is not to rule, will give the production, storage and transportation problems caused by a series of departments.

5, easily lead to conflicts.

Originally enterprises and dealers, are the basis inspire each other with the other constraints. The "Yahuo" virtually two sides will create conflicts. Dealer's bargain, rejection behavior will hurt the business interests of the cargo; and business return policy disputes will hurt the interests of dealers. Business and cooperative relations between dealers because of non-contradiction caused by the normal means of marketing.

How to prevent Yahuo "hangover"?

Yahuo marketing to see product:

We know that not any of the products can be used Yahuo, here for example drug sales. In general, the following categories products meet the "Yahuo" conditions:

1, a large flow of product.

Easier flow of such drugs, companies access to such products located in the "shopkeeper." That is, through wholesalers, a level to the terminal. In general, these products well-known, listed a long time, do not need any advertising involved, as long as the mainstream channels in the industry, pharmacies for large distribution in place can the normal sales.

2, homogeneous product.

Completely homogeneous product, channel Yahuo marketing may be one of the most effective way of marketing. Because, in terms of homogeneous products, the occupation of the channel is occupied by the market; channel depth and width of the market determine the success or failure. In the pharmaceutical industry, generic drugs is this characteristic. A generic drugs, old drugs, including OTC, prescription drugs, including the public, the country hundreds of manufacturers, the golf channel and the terminal is.

3, driven by advertising products.

Generally driven by advertising the product, whether it's advertising hype or holding high dozens of products will play a great role in promoting sales. Short sales cycle at this time, turnover is quick, as long as the agents of the network roll out and expand the terminal, increase consumer buying ports, there is advertising driven product can Yahuo.

Yahuo marketing opportunity to see:

In general, Yahuo time include the following:

鈶?festivals can Yahuo before. Because the shipping companies, logistics and transport is often delayed, to ensure the appropriate dealer inventory it should be.

鈶?before large-scale advertising, before the start of large-scale promotional activities.

鈶?squeeze competitors can Yahuo. Through distributors or agents Yahuo, occupied his capital, warehouse space and distribution, can squeeze competitors distribution network.

鈶?urged dealers to increase marketing efforts on your product when Yahuo. This situation, companies are given the appropriate Yahuo best policy, sales incentives. At the same time, to give marketing support, such as advertising.

Yahuo marketing support measures

1, the formulation of reasonable Yahuo policy.

Pressure volume to reasonable development, in general, sales in 3 months within; incentive policies should be reasonable, if the year-end sales incentives too, prone to Seller to complete the task, get your bonus, and led to the phenomenon of bad Yahuo; if the dealer cash incentives to be, then it is prone to drop prices, the phenomenon of changing commodity.

2, to marketing support for dealers.

Yahuo promotion policy, which aims to urge the dealers to increase their sales efforts. However, the improper promotion policies, such as: cash rewards, incentives and other goods, are prone to drop price of goods rejection phenomenon. Therefore, the promotion policy is the best way of marketing support for dealers there. For example: combination product giveaways, and other ways to increase ad spending to Yahuo promotional costs to market, flowers to consumers to do so in terms of the product is definitely a beneficial, but no harm.

3, to help dealers clear the channel.

Dealer as long shopkeeper, through channels to eat, once their channels open, often appear motivated shortage. Therefore, when the company conducted its Yahuo, you can use this opportunity to help dealers clear channel to the lower levels. On the one hand, the product down to a more terminals, put more of their products do to clear the area, increase the intensity of the next cargo; on the other hand, to remind the dealer network and improve their sense of depth, but also conducive to further secure "customer intelligence" allow dealers to become corporate marketing assistant.

This practice helps dealers distributors, enterprise Yahuo after the follow-up measures should do the marketing. If you help dealers develop a detailed plan and strategy for distribution of goods, would avoid the appearance of many Yahuo complications. Otherwise, the pressure out of the cargo in sales once the dealer able to survive, Yahuo will be full-blown sequel.


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XTools provoke the industry division of advertising on CCTV

Recently, the famous online CRM vendors XTools ads in the CCTV, "Enterprise vitamins, to promote sales of healthy growth." Is XTools ad CCTV is XTools the new brand strategy, XTools company hopes to make XTools given more brand meaning.

Vitamin paying customers currently XTools rapid growth companies, according to CCW Research statistics, XToolsCRM paying subscribers in the first place, prompting XTools more focused on brand building, advertising a brand strategy CCTV step.

Third-party advisory body to this view:

DoSaaS is hiring third-party online professional research institutes, DoSaaS Mr. Xu Weiguo, General Manager said:

TV ads will be the best form of publicity is still hard to say. But SaaS vendors face the common problem is that marketing is difficult. Difficult to find customers, products difficult to sell, the price is low, but marketing costs are high. Some company hopes channels and business partners, but the current business model and return a single customer and partner channels is difficult to stimulate enthusiasm, so the whole market seems tepid sales. XTools do TV ads may be a new idea. Wide spread of television advertising to cover large groups. It is understood that gold and software, financial off-line and other software vendors to do the advertising or the CCTV program, the market responded positively, directly bring a lot of sales leads. So money off the story line will be attending the show of wealth, the server can not afford the user access. XTools dare to advertise in the CCTV, I believe he took a fancy to it. TV ads can prompt manufacturers to convey the message to end-users can bring in a short time a large number of sales leads, rather than participate in exhibition, tour, as brought only few users.

CCTV's advertising results for XTools assessment, comprehensive professional advisory body also made their views:

Analysys International analyst Mr. Li Ruixiang that: XTools with CCTV so strong media advertising aimed at expanding the company's brand influence, in order to establish a position in Saas industry, expanding its user base of SMEs. The current financial crisis has worsened the crisis of survival of SMEs, many SMEs operating difficulties have emerged, especially in corporate income more difficult, many enterprises have reduced orders and new market development more difficult, "XTools enterprise vitamin" to 鍦ㄧ嚎 CRM the core, can help enterprises steward, managing people, material management and financial management, and improving the management efficiency, helping enterprises increase revenue and profits, effectively address the survival and development of SMEs.

But in China's SaaS market is still in the early stage of development, according to Analysys International Enfodesk research shows the current users of SaaS awareness of SMEs only 4.8%, XTools CCTV ads focused on the company's brand advertising, but to reach a goal The real customers pay, but also effectively deliver business value to the target customer base, you need to enhance the precision of target marketing customers.

IResearch Consulting Group (focusing on online media, e-commerce, online games, wireless value-added and other new third-party research in the field of economic research:) Mr. Ding Li, an analyst event on the XTools CCTV advertising industry from the perspective of SaaS to make rating: "XTools joint CCTV2 help to improve the SaaS industry-wide brand influence, to eliminate the user only to mention the original concept of the cognitive concept of no real value, while further details will be entered China Saas industry to a new stage of development."

The same industry CCTV advertising company XTools views:

Payments and software companies advertising the central two units a regular customer, gold and head of marketing software very much agree with Mr. Cheng XTools CCTV advertising.

Mr Cheng said: "The CCTV advertising results in the end what is the need to try, only try to get results assessment, also, CCTV for the selection of advertising is very strict and cautious, XTools selection of CCTV, CCTV also recognized XTools, itself For the brand to enhance the role play. before the gold and CCTV's ad was brought to the payments and sales growth, and I do not give XTools bring sales growth. "

With the "XTools Enterprise vitamin," the introduction of CCTV advertising industry there have been some good competition phenomenon.

XTools the CCTV advertising down version in the hope that the audience through search engine "xtools", or "vitamin business" to learn more about XTools business services provided, but the company has its eyes on one of the "business."

The use of a software company invested in Baidu and XTools same keyword advertising: "xtools", "vitamin business" and hopes to give its own CCTV advertising traffic to the company's Web site. XTools by the complainant, relevant search engine advertising is then removed. But the incident also shows the effect of CCTV advertising industry companies of all concerned.

It is understood that "XTools" "vitamin business" has long been the trademark owner "Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. Sen Wally" registration down, because protecting trademarks is the basis for brand strategy, intangible assets will gradually become the core asset.

How users look at "Enterprise vitamin" ads:

Xiangsheng is "XTools business vitamin," the old customers have been using XTools three years, Mr. Li Xiang as a senior adviser, said: "very pleased to see such a stealth title XTools so pay attention to brand promotion, indeed, XTools CCTV advertising branding needed to make their prominent champion status. "

Xiangsheng is a production and sales of stationery companies in the financial crisis before the customer management software with XTools was found that 70% of trade sales, coupled with appreciation of the renminbi and other factors, make them feel that trade margins are increasingly difficult to maintain business.

They have a goal: make 70% of sales in domestic trade, so they began to build a sales force, using XTools the software of the field sales organization, before the financial crisis, the successful transition to domestic trade from foreign trade enterprise development

Xiang Li said: "XTools key role in the whole enterprise, I think there are two: First, the data from the XTools inside some of the data can be analyzed to tell business, your prosperity is apparent, and the second, XTools help expansionary find a business tool, a base platform, enabling businesses low-cost expansion. "

XTools CCTV ads to customers said: "The sale of health, business support vitamins as XTools thinking, using XTools management software can help enterprises selling health up."

It is understood that the five-year vitamin business through XTools efforts, has accumulated 4,000 enterprises for sustainable use, but XTools sales director Xie billion people still feel satisfied: "XTools the next three years is a rapid growth process, three years up to tens of thousands of customers should not be a problem. "


Reflection of the industry XTools many, just like a ripple, but XTools advertising on CCTV will have a positive effect of the market environment, more users will know through this ad SaaS.


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Expensive PS3 late

Recently, Sony announced the PS3 (PlayStation 3) game postponed on sale in November of this year, mainly due to the uncertainty of Blu-ray standard. In addition, Cell processor technology and cost issues are also troubled by its on-time delivery of important factors.

On Sony, the next holiday shopping season might have come too fast. Sources predicted before, Sony is likely not to deliver PS3 consoles this year. However, Sony has announced that PS3 will be available in November this year, but did not release its market price.

Recently, the much-anticipated PS3 actually the absence of the Taipei Game Show (Taipei Game Show). Exhibition on display behind glass is a prototype, but rather similar to Sony's CES show in advance on the production of a good video screen. There are indications that the user should not have much hope for this game.

Even if Sony can before the end of this year the Japanese and North American markets PS3, then the company also faces another problem: cost. According to Merrill Lynch claims, costs and supply problems rooted in the parts Sony to choose, these issues include:

鈼?Cell processor is difficult to produce;

鈼?costs (Cell CPU and Blu-ray drive);

鈼?standard not yet finalized (Blu-ray specification).

PS3's cost plan (as shown in photo) makes surprise: a total cost of 800 U.S. dollars (not including the PS3 assembly costs) would mean that Sony or the PS3's price will be very high (Xbox 360 price is only 399 dollars ); or to set prices fairly competitive, but every game will sell burned by a special loss. Both of which seem not appropriate. Naturally, as time goes by, more and more low cost components, PS3 production costs could be reduced. Merrill Lynch estimates, released three years later, the cost per game will be reduced to 320 dollars.

PlayStation 3 component cost estimates

Sony will choose what kind of plan? I am afraid will choose to incur the expense of game sales approach. However, compared with Microsoft's Xbox 360, the company eventually sold a PS3 for every loss of money, much more. The recent Xbox 360's component cost analysis showed that each company would sell a high-end Xbox 360 loss-making 126 U.S. dollars. Xbox 360 parts total estimated cost of 525 U.S. dollars (CPU accounting for 106 U.S. dollars, ATI GPU accounted for 141 U.S. dollars). Xbox 360 now the price will continue to attract the majority of gamers. If the PS3 component cost figures forecast is correct (do not forget to set their eyes on these companies, like Merrill Lynch to disclose such information to institutional investors and large fortunes), if Sony decided to price the same as with the Xbox 360, then on each sale of a PS3 400 U.S. dollars to lose money. Even if the price set at 599, still have to lose money on each console 200.

Sony's problem clearly lies in two main parts: Blu-ray drive and the IBM Cell processor. Blu-ray drive costs; but for Sony it is more problematic is finalized Advanced Access Content System (AACS) specification of the time has again been postponed; AACS are the two next-generation Blu-ray and HD DVD drive that drives Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme. Some people put the blame on Blu-ray rather than HD DVD, Blu-ray format as a mechanism with a DRM, BD + has brought too many problems, making these two types of players currently not listed. If you use Sony DVD, PS3 is expected to reduce production costs; but to support Blu-ray format, Sony is one of the major manufacturers, so this is unlikely.

Another problem is that the Cell processor. It is size large (235 mm2), production costs are also high. Over time, IBM will increase the level of production of Cell, the price will drop, production will increase. Once the IBM Cell to switch to 65 nm production technology, will help reduce costs. There are also rumors that, NVIDIA's RSX graphics processor is the root cause of the problem, but the problem is more serious than Blu-ray and Cell.

Sony announced in Japan, North America and Asia, launched simultaneously PS3 (like this fall). However, the report of Merrill Lynch could not help but suspect that the company people can achieve these objectives, estimates Sony's fastest before the end of 2006 to deliver to the global market from 2 million to 3 million consoles. This further increased the possibility of shortages, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 had also been troubled by shortages. Coupled with price significantly higher than the Xbox 360 a big cut, Sony is likely to be released late in the lack of sufficiently attractive to consumers of products.


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ProE parting process

(For the operation of this process to Pro/E2000i background, the text used in the file name as an example ab123, no special significance. In the actual parting process, according to their own needs to take the corresponding name.)

First, create a new Assembly document (ab123_com)

1, loading ab123.prt

Component 鈫?Assemble 鈫?select ab123.prt

2, the establishment of ab123_bass.prt file

Component 鈫?creat 鈫?dialog box in Component Creat, Type column select Part, sub-type field choose Solid, enter the file name ab123_bass. Creation options in the dialog box that pops up select Options 鈫?OK Creat First Feature

鈫?Surface 鈫?Copy 鈫?Done 鈫?Solid surface

Select the screen part 鈫?Done 鈫?OK

The parts to Surface.

3, the ab123_bass.prt documents into entities, and to establish base level, base coordinate system.

(The part first to surface and then to part, after the original part to modifications made

Can be reflected in the molding of. )

Close the current window, open the ab123_bass.prt files from memory.

Feature 鈫?Creat 鈫?Solid 鈫?Protrusion 鈫?Use Quilt 鈫?Solid 鈫?Done

Selection window ab123_bass parts and turned them into entities;

Established base level, depending on the workpiece shape may be convenient when the qualifying sub-module;

The establishment of reference coordinate system (3 Planes), determine the X, Y, Z axis, to facilitate sub-mode when the grid;

Save exit.

Second, a mold file (ab123_m20)

1, the establishment of datum (reference coordinate system)

Feature 鈫?Mold Assem 鈫?Datum 鈫?Plane 鈫?Offset

X, Y, Z direction are lost 0, automatically generated reference coordinate system.

2, loading ab123_bass file

Mold Mode 鈫?Refpart Layout 鈫?Creat Layout dialog box appears

a, click the button below Refrence Model option from the Open dialog box, select the ab123_bass.prt; Create Reference Model dialog box appears, enter the file name ab123_ref.

b, click on Reference Model Origin option to select the button below the CSO, there child window, select the child window frame parts;

c, click Refpart Layout Origin below the DEFAULT option select button to select the current window coordinates.

d, under the selected option in the Layout Variable option.

e, in the Variable window to rank on the parts.

3, the establishment of Workpiece:

Mold Model 鈫?Creat 鈫?Workpiece 鈫?input file name (ab123_wrk) 鈫?set up box (Workpiece)

4, setting shrinkage Shrinkage

Shrinkage 鈫?select Workpiece in any one of the reference Parts 鈫?By Scaling 鈫?Done

鈫?鈫?coordinates were selected input X, Y, Z direction shrinkage (0.005) 鈫?Done Scale

Regenerate 鈫?Automatic

5, the establishment of parting (parting surface)

Parting Surface 鈫?Creat 鈫?Enter parting name (such as surf_1) 鈫?Add

The shape of the part to establish parting.

(Because the shape of each product is different, we set up parting this step entirely on her own understanding of the structure to do the mold parting surface, and the understanding of the die is not one or two days of the issues which need to accumulate a long time Only the knowledge of books is not enough, must have been reading the actual work of mold. pulled so far out only to illustrate the model can be divided into production, needs its own understanding of the mold, not the light of other people's materials can be divided out, it was just a way of others. because of the change of a product, you may not use the same method.)

6, the establishment of inserts, row position, thimble

Use Mold Volum --- Create, enter the name of the establishment of the inserts, such as insert1.

--- Sketch, draw the shape you want to set up features, in this process is very useful to use Use edge features, end of the stage using the Add command seek to raise a round or square shapes used for positioning.

7, next steps, such as generation after molding, casting parts (Mold Comp, Molding), mold (Mold

Opening) do not have to do more to describe. In addition to my personal experience, flow and carrying water something like a

Not like Pro / E to do, but painted in the CAD model re-drawn maps, so convenient.

8, said point on the topic of mold, the software can only be a tool in the final analysis, if not truly understand the mold, then points out the model is also plagued with problems. In fact, if want to be a qualified mold designers, we must first understand the process and die structure; have to understand the knowledge of injection molding, it is important to take into account if the design of injection molding on the possible problems, we do not have beer in the future goods was a problem and then change to change to. There is to take into account the product structure and assembly problems. If the mold design to take into account the above problems, it is almost designed to mold relatively perfect. I know so many problems taking into account a little embarrassing, but the proposed model set out more people to communicate with other departments, not behind closed doors modeling. Die design is proposed to engage people not to Pro / E sub-module This module is a waste of time.



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Monday, July 12, 2010

Q QQ coins to pay part of wages law, experts say

April 28, Sohu IT in Tencent Tencent QQ Members Area to see two recruitment notices, the notice said, QQ members of the press corps will recruit a total of 15 journalists and artists, and to pay wages is a Q coins.

According to the statement Tencent, QQ member press corps member attached Tencent QQ products, the responsible member of the core product Tencent QQ for the latest developments in a timely, fair, comprehensive reporting and communication to promote objective and active users, more Users press corps through a better understanding of the products Tencent culture. Meanwhile, Tencent announcement also raised the recruitment of staff made more stringent application requirements and job requirements. The legal profession is that the recruitment seriously violated state labor laws.

Chang law firm, said Zhang Ying, Tencent occur if the employment relationship with employees, must pay its legal tender, but Q is not a legal tender currency, so that serious acts of illegal recruitment.

"Labor Law" Article 50 stipulates that wages should be paid in money on a monthly basis to the workers themselves. No deductions or unjustified delay in the wages of laborers. Meanwhile, the "Provisional Regulations on Payment of Wages," Labour Ministry [1998] No. 489, that wages should be paid in legal tender. Securities may not be replaced in kind and monetary payments.

In addition, Zhang Ying also believe that, even if many of the recruits part-time part-time employees, according to the "Labor Law" stipulates that both sides should enter into an oral agreement, workers at the same employer generally does not exceed the average daily working hours four hours total working hours per week, not more than 24 hours of employment forms; no probation period; payment system in the seat of government shall not be less than the employer the minimum hourly wage. The recruitment of the revelation that Tencent, almost do not meet the above principles.

Meeting in Shanghai Law Firm Yunting that if part-time staff Tencent not pay personal income tax revenue will also result in loss of state tax. He believes that, Q is not legal tender coins, but can buy Tencent value-added services, has some value, payment of Q coins can be viewed as a special form of payment in kind. Tencent use a special kind - Q coins to buy a part-time staff of service, then part-time workers to pay income tax there is a problem, as in-kind payment Tencent people in the law who are withholding obligation, shall declare the relevant tax authorities for these part-time staff in accordance with the actual value of Q coins to pay tax.

Meanwhile, Tencent Q coins to replace the behavior of wages once again rise on the "virtual currencies impact the country's financial system" argument.

Some Internet users believe that, Tencent Q coins issued to part-time employees as a reward, is a disguised form Q coins are legal tender recognized; Tencent own construct a virtual kingdom, but in the virtual realm of the virtual currency has real life can be an equivalent returns, which will state the monetary and financial shocks.

In 2006, a scholar named Yang Tao 7, 2006 issue of "Law and News" published an article called, "Q coins and other virtual currencies can be exchanged once with the RMB, the consequences would be disastrous. Because if Q coins and other virtual currencies Unlimited distribution business, is bound to impact our financial order. "As a result, lead to" Q coins will impact the country's financial system "argument.

But at the same time, CCW Research Qu Xiaodong, General Manager said that the incident does not require too much present tense. First need to figure out the recruitment behavior of Tencent Holdings planned level of behavior, or just a small-scale sector, common sense behavior. These phenomena also need to continue to wait and see.

As of press time, Sohu, Tencent aspects of IT has not yet been description of the incident and response.

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