Monday, October 25, 2010

Control the availability of rules [2]

2. Do not rush to specific

Developers always tend to be a solution provider, like to solve the problem and hope to soon see the result of the efforts. Sometimes this tendency to lead to quick results is a mediocre solution. Visual development tools today is to encourage this trend, we condone the screen simply by dragging and dropping pre-defined interface design components to solve the problem. For example, seldom consider the combo box or a drop-down list is the best choice. Do not rush early in the development of specific, developers, and team development process may create a more usable design and make superior user interface design. Do not define the implementation details too early, but should better understand the work required to complete the workflow and better grasp the user's intention after each step. If the development team has been jumping to the stage of implementation of specific programs should pay attention to those ideas in the design process will be placed in a "feedback - that" the cycle.

Some technologies, such as abstract prototype, in a general way can be a sticker on the expression of the necessary user interface elements that can help the development team prior to the entire user interface structure. Abstract prototype technology to ensure the software provides all the necessary components, but also to ensure the logical arrangement of these components, rather than carried out early in graphic design and interface components interface options.

3. To avoid creating a new, not become a slave to fashion

Interface design something new and not always better than the old stuff. If applied properly, the new interface components and interactive design will be a powerful tool and will capture the market advantage. A moment later the field of interface design really advanced methods will be copied word spread and become part of standard design. However, many innovative interface design than the traditional interface components and interaction design usability worse.

Also note that to avoid creating art for the art. I have seen some of the worst software usability is about to become a graphic artist or graphic artists, they lost in the visual effects in the final result is not identification of controls, poor readability of the layout, navigation design can not work. Efficiency and aesthetics are not always mutually exclusive, on the contrary, the best software is the combination of both. While the art can always limited, but you can focus to create effective, high-availability software to meet user needs.

Finally, do not assume that the interface should be designed to mimic a particular model or application of at least one of Microsoft's latest interface components. User interface design their own fashion trends, it is important to maintain status quo. New components and interaction terms (idiom, Alan Cooper's term) created every day. Like a house, car or clothing, software, style changes and progress, but simply look at user interface design can keep up with the current system. In particular, if the use of design software application closely integrated with Microsoft or associated, in many cases, this is a reasonable choice. However, following the lead is not a universal solution. One example is the assessment of my leadership of a Microsoft Excel interface design imitation currency trading system availability. Design allows users to visually analyze the decision-making information is very difficult, leading to unwieldy, inefficient navigation. Currency traders need new trading system is not Microsoft's spreadsheet interface design.

4. Efforts to establish effective interaction

Nobody likes boring, clumsy work. Make sure your software does not increase the work of other people do not feel good. Calculations required to complete a common keystrokes and mouse clicks. Treatment to make simple things simple, speedy completion of the interaction used. Do not deal with important information or key under submerged in multiple windows, or hidden in a "fabled" in the menu. Application of modeling technologies such as navigation maps to help design efficient work flow and to avoid too long or the navigation path leading to deadlock. As long as a piece of paper draw a prototype, user interface design principles such as basic efficiency, consistency and mission task visibility can spend, and on the problem area.

As impressive as Dilbert cartoon to point out that some software developers for the user additional meaningless steps to punish any error committed by the user, allowing users to jump circle the same as the daily work completed. If some members of the group appears to hate the user, so he went to meet clinicians, but not in the "Edit" menu with "Other".

5. Interface for the actual trial work

As a final quality assurance measures for user interface design is: Let each member of the design and development of software to use it for at least half an hour straight, continuous use of an hour more. Using actual data - the actual use of the data users. If because of confidentiality or security reasons can not use the actual work of data, allowing customers or users to create enough "pseudo data" (not just 10-20 record), can accurately reflect the actual complexity of data, potential errors and ambiguity (subtleties). As an independent check, make sure all the data field tested the maximum length, accuracy and over-rate inspection. Often surprisingly accurate in the database defined fields in the user interface is not long enough or the wrong definition. If the definition of data field is 25 characters in length, try to enter the 25 letters. You can see on the screen all the 25 letters? If necessary, the postal number of the input box to deal with foreign letters and numbers mixed encoding it?

Yes, in many companies these issues will boil down to quality assurance and database design department, but, surprisingly, it has been negligent. Therefore, the application user interface experience of trial to test the system itself. Noted that the process of testing a car assembly line as the final inspection - customers will see and experience. If the interface includes a data entry field, enter 50 or 100 records, not just the 1-2 record. If the application work in the uncertain light and noise conditions, the environmental conditions in this trial it. If you need to quickly enter or screen quick response, all members of the development team with a time limit placed on the pressure, and then ask yourself: Every day I want to use this software? I hope these tips can help you or a development team to answer: "Yes."

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Premier Wen visited the British company behind Huawei

Huawei to expand the road to the British

Yang Group (a pseudonym) had never occurred, and he did have a chance to see up close and Premier Wen Jiabao, and is living in a foreign land in time.

As an employee of Huawei UK, Yang group has been working overseas for 3 years. February 1 this year, the first month of Chinese lunar seventh day, Yang and his group of colleagues began a long wait with excitement the arrival of Premier Wen. "Premier Wen Jiabao, Chinese New Year everyone!" When Premier Wen step into the door Huawei Huawei staff began to warm applause, and moved to New Year.

"Over the last few! Financial crisis to the economy in difficult circumstances, Huawei people are still optimistic and confident. Your confidence comes from strength, from you to master high-tech, staff from the struggle. "Premier Wen warmly encourage Huawei employees.

Huawei British company located in South East England Basingstoke (Basingstoke), at a distance of central London, approximately 77 kilometers, about 45 minutes by train. British company Huawei is more important is that there is Huawei's European headquarters.

"As a global company, Huawei aware of the importance of south east England, for here gathered a large number of the world's largest telecommunications company, so we decided to set up European headquarters here." Huawei's total UK and Ireland region Manager Edward Chen had told the media.

Since 2001, the British market, Huawei has developed in the UK 8 years. At present, Huawei has 350 employees here, the cumulative investment of nearly 100 million U.S. dollars. It can be said in this 8-year period, Huawei's European headquarters has undergone "drastic" changes.

"We in the UK has experienced various difficulties. In 2001, when we founded the British branch, just north of London, established a small office, and the first 4 years of very hard. We were only 15 individuals, but also to overcome the business operations involved in the differences between China and Britain. "Edward Chen revealed that.

2005-2006 year, Huawei is China's largest investment in one of the UK. Currently, Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica and other operators in Europe have become major customers of Huawei.

350 local employees, 75% of local recruitment, Huawei has achieved a considerable degree of localization. In fact, according to Edward Chen said, employing a Chinese engineer costs is to hire an American or European one-sixth of Engineers.

Huawei in the UK market, a milestone event was a breakthrough, Huawei successfully passed the British Telecom (BT) in the strict certification and successfully entered the British Telecom worth 10 billion pounds in the 21 Century Network transformation and construction of large single, "preferred supplier short list." Huawei is also the first time Europe and the United States to become a landmark event in the mainstream market.

On 9 February, Premier Wen's visit is still in the UK, Huawei and Vodafone signed a strategic partnership to deepen bilateral agreement. Under the agreement, Huawei will be in the next five years, Ghana Telecom (Vodafone owns 70% recently) the deployment of wireless networks; participate in Vodafone Spain, Greece, Hungary and Romania, the wireless network and other core network and backbone network subnet construction; and together with Vodafone LTE (fourth-generation network technology) research and development.

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