Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Expensive PS3 late

Recently, Sony announced the PS3 (PlayStation 3) game postponed on sale in November of this year, mainly due to the uncertainty of Blu-ray standard. In addition, Cell processor technology and cost issues are also troubled by its on-time delivery of important factors.

On Sony, the next holiday shopping season might have come too fast. Sources predicted before, Sony is likely not to deliver PS3 consoles this year. However, Sony has announced that PS3 will be available in November this year, but did not release its market price.

Recently, the much-anticipated PS3 actually the absence of the Taipei Game Show (Taipei Game Show). Exhibition on display behind glass is a prototype, but rather similar to Sony's CES show in advance on the production of a good video screen. There are indications that the user should not have much hope for this game.

Even if Sony can before the end of this year the Japanese and North American markets PS3, then the company also faces another problem: cost. According to Merrill Lynch claims, costs and supply problems rooted in the parts Sony to choose, these issues include:

鈼?Cell processor is difficult to produce;

鈼?costs (Cell CPU and Blu-ray drive);

鈼?standard not yet finalized (Blu-ray specification).

PS3's cost plan (as shown in photo) makes surprise: a total cost of 800 U.S. dollars (not including the PS3 assembly costs) would mean that Sony or the PS3's price will be very high (Xbox 360 price is only 399 dollars ); or to set prices fairly competitive, but every game will sell burned by a special loss. Both of which seem not appropriate. Naturally, as time goes by, more and more low cost components, PS3 production costs could be reduced. Merrill Lynch estimates, released three years later, the cost per game will be reduced to 320 dollars.

PlayStation 3 component cost estimates

Sony will choose what kind of plan? I am afraid will choose to incur the expense of game sales approach. However, compared with Microsoft's Xbox 360, the company eventually sold a PS3 for every loss of money, much more. The recent Xbox 360's component cost analysis showed that each company would sell a high-end Xbox 360 loss-making 126 U.S. dollars. Xbox 360 parts total estimated cost of 525 U.S. dollars (CPU accounting for 106 U.S. dollars, ATI GPU accounted for 141 U.S. dollars). Xbox 360 now the price will continue to attract the majority of gamers. If the PS3 component cost figures forecast is correct (do not forget to set their eyes on these companies, like Merrill Lynch to disclose such information to institutional investors and large fortunes), if Sony decided to price the same as with the Xbox 360, then on each sale of a PS3 400 U.S. dollars to lose money. Even if the price set at 599, still have to lose money on each console 200.

Sony's problem clearly lies in two main parts: Blu-ray drive and the IBM Cell processor. Blu-ray drive costs; but for Sony it is more problematic is finalized Advanced Access Content System (AACS) specification of the time has again been postponed; AACS are the two next-generation Blu-ray and HD DVD drive that drives Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme. Some people put the blame on Blu-ray rather than HD DVD, Blu-ray format as a mechanism with a DRM, BD + has brought too many problems, making these two types of players currently not listed. If you use Sony DVD, PS3 is expected to reduce production costs; but to support Blu-ray format, Sony is one of the major manufacturers, so this is unlikely.

Another problem is that the Cell processor. It is size large (235 mm2), production costs are also high. Over time, IBM will increase the level of production of Cell, the price will drop, production will increase. Once the IBM Cell to switch to 65 nm production technology, will help reduce costs. There are also rumors that, NVIDIA's RSX graphics processor is the root cause of the problem, but the problem is more serious than Blu-ray and Cell.

Sony announced in Japan, North America and Asia, launched simultaneously PS3 (like this fall). However, the report of Merrill Lynch could not help but suspect that the company people can achieve these objectives, estimates Sony's fastest before the end of 2006 to deliver to the global market from 2 million to 3 million consoles. This further increased the possibility of shortages, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 had also been troubled by shortages. Coupled with price significantly higher than the Xbox 360 a big cut, Sony is likely to be released late in the lack of sufficiently attractive to consumers of products.


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